"I was lucky enough to come across Sveta at pre natal yoga in my final months of pregnancy and even before class started I was immediately struck by how much light and serenity this young woman reflected. She is truly a gem of a yoga instructor who ‘walks the talk’ and lives the philosophy behind the asanas. Coming from a dance background I truly appreciated the precision , the knowledge and the innovation she infused into all her classes and each one was an experience."

Yasmine (Malta), Yasmine (Malta)

"Dear Sveta, I would like to thank you for your fantastic class,i really enjoy myself and i feel very good,the class is very good and you always make sure that every one of is is doing the right thing,it relax me a lot and i am trying my best to come to more of your classes,as it is the best thing for my anxiety that is helping me a lot,i do recomend your class very much as i find it very profesional,so once again i thank you for all the help you have given me personal"

Susan (Malta), Susan (Malta)

"I started going to Svetlana's yoga classes in order to rehabilitate a shoulder which I had injured in a skiing accident and was still hurting after physio. Not only did said shoulder make a full recovery but I discovered a new physical activity experience which I thoroughly enjoy and is a perfect compliment to working out at the gym. This is mostly due to Sveta's fun and dynamic yoga style and that is why I made yoga a permanent part of my weekly exercise routine."

Alessandro Muscat (Malta), Alessandro Muscat (Malta)

"I love Sveta’s classes. She combines energy with something so spiritual. A feeling of inner peace follows. She is a great teacher and I was lucky to have her introduce me to Yoga."

Anne Curmi (Malta), Anne Curmi (Malta)

"I have regularly been participating at Sveta's Power Yoga classes at Fortina Spa. I really appreciate her as a yoga teacher. She has got sound knowledge about the asanas, and she teaches them in a clear and distinct way. She inspire me to work hard and to learn more and to understand more about yoga. Sveta is a great teacher, always with a smile on her face. I am happy to join her classes, always looking forward to the next one."

Charlotte (Sweden), Charlotte (Sweden)

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Jack Doe, Manager
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